Japanese people use seals in place of signatures when filling out any kind of formal document. Each family, therefore, has a seal bearing the family name, and some seals are even registered to prove their authenticity. When the author was born, her parents had a seal made of crystal to celebrate her birth.
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About Namiko Golden

Namiko Golden was born in 1940 in Japan, just as Japan was plunging into World War II. It was a trying time for her parents and everyone else in Japan. Fortunately, however, she and her sisters were too young to understand fully what was going on politically, economically, or emotionally. Mrs. Golden can recall, nevertheless, her childhood through the painful period of recovery from the war.
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Excerpt from the Book

Looking into the memories of my early childhood is like looking into a tunnel where darkness prevails at the farthest end. Things may be floatĀ­ing in that mysterious depth, but they would not take any definite shape. When I shift my eyes slightly, however, I begin to see snatches of the film here and there. Read more

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