About the Author

Namiko Golden was born in 1940 in Japan, just as Japan was plunging into World War II. It was a trying time for her parents and everyone else in Japan. Fortunately, however, she and her sisters were too young to understand fully what was going on politically, economically, or emotionally. Mrs. Golden can recall, nevertheless, her childhood through the painful period of recovery from the war.

While she was in high school, and again in graduate school, she was fortunate to have been granted scholarships to study in the United States. This provided her an immersion experience in the English language and North American culture. She immigrated to Canada when she married at the age of 25, and she lived there for 34 years. She had two children, and enjoyed working as a counselor in various vocational and educational settings. Her second marriage brought her to the United States, where she now resides.